Full Size Large, The Barn Find

Full Size Large, The Barn Find


One would think this men's wallet was "Barn Found" in the hills of Kentucky - next to a moonshine distillery amongst dirt and rust of old motorcycles for sale.

Well, I've never had the luck in finding such a cool wallet, aged to perfection...so I made one.

Brand New, Handmade Wallet for Men. Vintage semi-suede feeling shell with a well thought out interior. All cards face inwards and will not fall out. A total of 4 card pockets that will hold multiple cards each. I actually carry 16 cards total and its still slim and comfortable. Also included is the billfold compartment to stuff your hard earned dollars.

Please note: This wallet comes with out a leather finish applied so that you feel the semi suede. However as you can imagine with out a finish it will darken over time and polish over from coming in and out of the wallet often. Some people like that and some opt to get a suede finish from their local boot shop. So once you receive the wallet you can decide if you want to get a suede finish or let the wallet age as you use it. Let me know if questions.

You will not find a machine in my shop. It's all done by hand - no sewing machines, no laser engravers - This is old school, hand-stitched, hand-hammered monograming, leather making - and you will see, feel and smell the quality.

This wallet is complete as pictured and cannot be monogramed.  If you would like to order a monogramed Barnfind please contact me to discuss options.

All Wallets Measure 4” 5/8 by 3” 1/2 -

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