Full Size Large, The Space Cowboy (black)

Full Size Large, The Space Cowboy (black)


Quickly becoming a personal favorite - a classic black semi gloss hand tooled custom wallet.

This wallet is complete as pictured and cannot be monogramed due to the eyelets in each corner and the hand stamped border.  If you would like to order a monogramed Space Cowboy (black) please contact me to discuss options.

Vintage shell with a well thought out interior. All cards face inwards and will not fall out. A total of 4 internal slots for cards and one billfold compartment.

Nothin' Fancy - just a good lookin' and good smellin' leather wallet. The first thing you will notice when receiving a wallet from Billy Joe Clements is the smell of quality leather enhanced by organic dyes. Feel the weight in your hand and texture of a quality hand made vintage inspired wallet. Slim profile, straight stitches all by hand, details for days, style and functionality is what Tribute 66 wallets are about.

It's Hand Made with a Vintage shell - rustic look and feel that just smells good. 

All Wallets Measure 4” 3/8 by 3” 1/2 -

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